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Charlie Belcher

Aircraft Sales

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Charlie Belcher grew up around airplanes. His family business owned a Lockheed 12A and a Twin Beech. Charlie started flying in 1971 after his service in the United States Army. Charlie was part owner of a flight school for three years before launching into the corporate flight department sector of aviation as a King Air 200 co-pilot. Charlie holds an Airline Transport Pilot Rating with Type Ratings in the Citation 500 series, Citation Jet, Lear Jet, Westwind, Falcon 50/900, Beechcraft Premier and he is qualified in all models of the Beechcraft King Air. His total flying time exceeds 16,000 hours.

Charlie co-founded Allied Jet International in 1997 after a successful career in aircraft sales. Charlie’s expertise as both a pilot and an aircraft salesman bring experience and integrity to the Allied Jet team.

Charlie and his wife Jayne enjoy travelling and spending time with their son Charlie Belcher III. Charlie enjoys playing the pipe organ in his spare time.

Steve Muller

Aircraft Sales

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Steve grew up in South Africa and was introduced to aviation at a very young age. His first flight was when he was 8 months old. His dad was the pilot of a Cessna 172. Steve unfortunately did not get to enjoy the flight as he fell asleep in his mom's lap during taxi and did not wake up until landing.

Steve served 2 years in the South African Defense Force. After 5 years of General Banking and Project Management with Standard Bank of South Africa, Steve was able to realize his life-time passion for aviation, when he joined Balmoral Central Contracts, an aviation company in South Africa specializing in Contracts, Charter and Aircraft Sales. During this eight year period he was promoted to Operations Manager for the Fixed Wing Operations and obtained his Private Pilots license.

Steve relocated from South Africa to Atlanta in May 2004 to join Allied Jet International. Having traveled throughout the world Steve's expertise in International aviation sales and acquisitions bring world wide experience and integrity to the Allied Jet Team.

Steve enjoys serving his church family, fishing, running and is married to Anna and has two incredible children, Gabriella and Jackson.

Charlie Belcher III

Aircraft Sales

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Charlie Belcher III began his life in aviation at just three weeks old, when he was placed in the right seat of a King Air 200, and brought to Bluefield, West Virginia. There was never a question in Charlie's mind about his love for aviation or what he was born to do - fly!

From the time he could reach the instrument panel and speak, he was begging to learn. Charlie credits his dad, Charlie Belcher, Jr. for providing instruction, resources, networking, and a seamless entry into his career; to follow his pursuit and passion for flying.

This drive has held no limitations, and has brought Charlie through some of the most demanding situations. He has flown a variety of aircraft for corporations, civilian-military solutions, and various deliveries throughout the world. Charlie is currently Chief Pilot at WPC Holdings in Bluefield, WV and in a management role at Appalachian Flying Service. He is a current Part 135 Charter Captain, with Elite Pro-Pilot status from Flight Safety. Charlie holds a U.S. FAA ATP- ASEL and AMEL, as well as ATP privileges in South Africa. He holds various type ratings including: King Air 200, 300/350, and Beech 1900 (Single Pilot); Astra IA-1125, Gulfstream 100, and Beechcraft Premier RA-390 (Single Pilot).

Jayne Belcher

Aircraft Sales

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Jayne joined the Allied Jet Team in a part time position in 2000. Over the years she has learned many aspects of business aircraft sales, management and acquisitions. Her main focus is maintaining proper records and tracking company reports. She is the "glue that holds this place together."

She enjoys reading, exercise classes, sitting on the beach and travelling - especially with her two favorite pilots named Charlie.